Nail trims for everyone and anyone !

This week we will dive into the How-to’s of cutting your pets nails at home. With the right tools and a little patience this can be a great bonding experience for you and your pet. We’ll answer a couple of questions that are frequently asked here at Patty B. 

How often should we cut our pets nails ? With a regular nail trim schedule of two weeks apart your pets nails should stay short and manageable. However some pets nails do grow slower or faster than others and can vary from pet to pet. When keeping them on a two week schedule most of the time you would not even need to cut maybe just file them down so that they stay maintained. How important is it to keep your pet on a regular nail trim schedule?

Big dogs, small cats and everyone in between need their nails cut on a regular schedule to prevent a number of things:  Ingrown nails that can be quite painful and hard to treat unless with a veterinarian, our furniture and floors and of course our legs in shorts and tiny humans at home


Keep Calm and Have Your DOG Nails Done


How can I make nail trims less stressful for my pets? 

Simplest answer we can give out is to start early. As soon as those pups,kittens and exotics that need nail trimmed get to you start conditioning them to get used to it. Buy all your materials to cut nails, the correct nail trimmers , quick powder and a dremel for filing nails. Now, you won’t be cutting theirs at this point. From here we start getting them used to having their nails cut by gently tapping their feet with nail trimmers and the back end of the demmel while it is on for the vibration.This process will be part of your routine for the first few months with your new pet, eventually you can actually start to trim their nails and they won’t even know the difference. We will soon have a more detailed blog and video regarding how to start getting them used to nail trims !


Now for our older pets that were not conditioned at a young age.

As mentioned before, the tapping on paws with nail trimmers and dremels can help but with the assistance of the almighty treats and distractions. Peanut butter(without xylitol), Plain yogurt , some wet food or the trusty dog cookies. If it is possible for you to do the tapping and dremel conditioning while giving treats or some snuggles this can help them associate the two as great experiences, we will make a more detailed video in regards to conditioning.Having consistent nail trims in general can even condition them to enjoy nail trims enough where it can even turn out to be a bonding experience for you and your pet.

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Big hugs and a treat for all your furry friends ! 



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